Zhou Fan

I’m a big fan of surreal Japanime art; bright entranced colors breaking the pane between imagination and reality.  Zhou Fan’s art is inspired by childhood dreams of parachuting jellyfish parading from the sky before turning into mushrooms. Yeah, you can tell.

Fan explains in her latest series that her childhood dreams had a strong impact on her.  She felt from a young age that it was easier to hide amongst her dreams then bare herself to reality and her art reflects a scared, hidden sadness.  Her figures are swathed in dreamlike apparitions, like blinders hiding them from the real world.  A protective jellyfish bubble of imagination.

After graduating in 2006 from Shanxi University, Fan was selected for the Chinese Art Prize as one of the top 25 emerging Chinese artists of 2007.  Her art has since been exhibited around the world and well received especially in New York and Cologne.  Her bright animation cell style bleeds an innocent pathos stemming from a world where hiding under the covers would shield us from everything.  Her characters still carry that protective sheath, though it’s difficult to tell whether it is the world that is damaging them or their imagination.

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