Yoav Avinoam

Yoav Avinoam is an industrial design student who designs wooden furniture in Tel Aviv.  As one can imagine, he creates a lot of sawdust in the process.  For his graduation project, aptly titled “Shavings”, he employed specialty resins and molds, pressing the sawdust into tables and chairs fitted upon sculpted wooden legs.  Creating a second life for a product destined for the waste bin and an entirely new aesthetic in texture.

It takes many hands and several hours to press each stool into form.  First they   prepare the sawdust by mixing it with the self hardening resin.

Next they place the legs into the mold making sure they are evenly spaced.  While one person steadies the legs the other begins pressing the treated sawdust around it.

Once enough sawdust is packed around the legs they use special blocks to compress the form fitting it with clamps and leaving it till properly hardened.

There you have it, a stool upcycled from left over sawdust from other projects.  A truly marvel idea for a waste product.  I’d give the guy A.

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