Xavier Calluaud

I’m one of the privileged few I know in the city to have a backyard with enough direct light to allow me a garden.  But for those who live in the remainder of the 5 boroughs without such luxury, Xavier Calluaud has created the Urb Garden, a vertical gardner’s box for limited urban space.

I totally dig this cubby hole garden.  It allows those with a daring green thumb to compost, farm and enjoy the fruits of the land.  So how does it work, well, here’s where I have issue.  The standing 9 bucket structure is connected to a compost bin.  When it’s time to “water” your garden you add some water to your compost bin which has been decomposing and dripping into a collection tank beneath the initial box.  Once the water/nutrient tank from the compost bin is full you pump a foot pedal which transports the fluid to the top of the tiered Urb Gardener box and drips the solution through all of your grow boxes.  Pretty cool.  And once your plants are big enough you can remove each individual box to sit about, prune or replant elsewhere.  I love the concept and the aesthetic, but my concern comes with the compost sludge.  Compost smells like decaying matter, because it is, it stinks.  And to have a compost bin pumping fluid through the main grow box is going to stink, it’s having putrid water sitting stagnant in your living room at all times.  I don’t care how water/air tight the whole structure is, it’s going to smell.  Well, who knows, maybe they’ve even worked out this kink, pretty great idea for growing in a small space though.

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