Willy Verginer

I’m a huge fan of carpentry, my father is a trained engineer and his father was a master craftsmen.  I’ve grown up amongst wood working and love the feeling of wood shaped with purpose.  From a living organism to an unnatural object given a sentient form.  Italian master wood carver, Willy Verginer, goes even farther; taking living wood to create forms of man and beast petrified in mock pose of their living counterparts.

Verginer’s life size sculptures are amazingly precise and unique, slashed with bold colors he cuts them into linear shapes while gently carving the wood into organic forms.

His pieces fuse our connection with nature, people carved from wood connected directly to animals.  Each work is a pain staking reminder of our origin, or perhaps our final resting place.  Life is short, and his timber effigies capture our source, existence and end in a a series of well positioned strikes of a chisel.  Does it imply our dominance?  Or our dependence?  We probably think too highly of ourselves to begin with.  Certainly he’s one of the finest wooden sculptors I’ve come across, his depiction of fabric and fur is flawless, I’d absolutely love to see one of his shows.

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