Wieki Somers

After learning about Paa Joe and his amazing homages to the deceased I was curious what other vestiges the dead were using to remain in the world a bit longer.  Cremation is quickly becoming a more affordable and popular method of disposing of a persons remains, it’s definitely on the opposite spectrum of the price scale from turning ones ashes into diamond or “Life Gem.”  Yes, you can do that.  Artist and designer, Wieki Somers, took it quite a bit further and constructed these telling sculptural allegories about life and consequential death.  Did I mention each piece is constructed entirely from human ash with a 3D printer?  Somers uses her work to question the value of objects in our consumer culture while pairing each with an animal in a modern still life.  The birds represent both life and death while the toaster perhaps is the source of reincarnation and incineration.  The dung beetles use waste to shelter themselves and sustain their larvae while a dust buster represents the futility and repetitiveness of dust and waste.  Her last piece displays honey comb and a bee on a scale, weighing the accomplishments of the insects hard work which is again used as a source of sustaining offspring.  Her pieces tell of the cyclical nature of life and death, we are born, raise our young and then die; the cycle revolves on without us.  All that’s left behind is our ashes to ashes, dust to dust.

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