Valentine’s Day

I’ve been looking at this vintage Valentine for the last few minutes trying to decide if in fact it is a purely innocent creation that over time has become twisted into something darker by our corrupt minds.  Or if this card means exactly what you’re thinking, oddly veiled sexual innuendo under the guise of bestiality.  I’ve been pouring through the Vintage Valentine Flickr Pool and these are my favorite picks for old cards which now appear creepy or odd.  Though secretly I’d love to receive any of them.

    • Sylvia
    • April 16th, 2013

    I have a feeling that when these were made, the cards were made by men. The truth is that the female sex used to be more sheltered and shielded from the sexually explicit thoughts of red blooded men. When I look at them, I imagine men looking amused by the naïvety of women as they are handed a card or hand a card to a girl they fancy. That may be a horrible thought. However, I’m reminded of my mom’s statement regarding oral sex and my grandparents’ sex life: Granny said, “…it’s not something they would have ever even considered doing.” I have a feeling that the idea probably crossed my grandfather’s mind at some point. The question is whether it was a topic of conversation or if such thoughts were reserved for conversations about or with whores and not one’s wife.

    As a young woman of the 21st century, I’d be happy to hand one to my valentine as my knees approach the ground.

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