Tom Gallant

I can tell you exactly when I saw my first pornographic image since it changed my life at a very pivotal angle.  I immediately understood what I was looking at and knew I wanted more of it.  Pornography is ancient, we’ve been recording images of people doing the deed for centuries.  That’s why I love these remarkably intricate carvings by Tom Gallant that reconceive all the very best of Hustler.  Working with surgical equipment and his own patterned overlays, Gallant subtracts page after page of hardcore imagery until we find a certain fragile majesty in even the dirtiest DPD.  Blending the female form with natural motifs, his work restores an appreciable beauty to something so publicly despicable.  We’re left staring intensely at a gorgeous English Sparrow trying our damnedest to figure out which hand belongs to whom, and loving it.

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