Tithi Kutchamuch

Jewelry designer, Tithi Kutchamuch, looks into disemboweling and beheading our furry friends, doubling jewelry with a very original and aesthetically brilliant dresser top display holder.

The Companion Parrot is the latest to her series entitled “A Secret Friend.”  The parrot necklace features it’s innards along with a silver skull, interesting, huh?  I like the rest of the collection better.

Inspired by the death of her dog, Kutchamuch began designing jewelry that would allow you to take a piece of your (spirit) animal with you.  “My dog died a month before I got back to my parents’ home,” explains Kutchamuch. “I would love to bring her everywhere with me if I could.”

Though the jewelry itself is very simple, it’s the interaction between the detachable modern visionary element and the classical animal form that supports it.  I like how she didn’t push to make the worn adornment to esoterically wild, instead going for very clean forms.

Asides from the Companion Parrot which I love conceptually, I just don’t feel it would look good on anyone, the rest of the collection is really quite beautiful, simple and well conceived.  A gorgeous gift that would make a wonderful display and fashion accessory.

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