Theo Jansen

Rising out of the sand like a post-apocolyptic walker from Mad Max 3 or perhaps an installation at Burning Man, Theo Jansen’s kinetic sculptures roam the beaches of Holland under their own power and guidance.  Jansen’s animals, which he calls his “Strandbeests,” are made entirely from PVC piping, discarded soda bottles, rope and plastic sheeting.  He first began experimenting with creating sculptures which could power themselves in 1990 and he has come a long way in complexity and even intelligence since then.  His latest group of Strandbeests store power in soda bottles from harvesting wind (which is what allows them to move in the first place), can sense when they are nearing water or loose sand and automatically reverse, one even builds its own sand dunes in order to channel wind.  Jansen, though obviously remarkably intelligent, is also a bit crazy.  His dream is to evolve his roaming sculptures to such a degree that after he passes away he can release them on the shoreline forever where they will be capable of navigating and surviving on their own.  A beautiful dream, truly, I think I’d geek out like a five year old if I saw one of these ambling along the beach past me.  Check out the video to see how they move on their own, it’s incredibly complex for such simple building materials.

via 2Modern Blog

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