Ted Geisel

You’d had to have had a pretty bleak childhood to grow up not knowing who Ted Geisel was, or perhaps you’re only familiar with his pen name, Dr. Seuss.  I still can recall tucking myself away into his imaginative world of rhymes and colors filled with oddly constructive morals.  60 years after his first book, Dr. Seuss remains a heavy weight in the world of children’s literature, a market that is a vicious battleground for the ripe flesh of little minds.  Seuss appealed to children and adults alike with work that was not only imaginative and intelligent but fun.  Geisel’s father was a superintendent at a zoo in Massachusetts and would often send his son beaks, bones and teeth from the various animals in the zoos collection.  You can easily see how these unknown pieces were reconfigured in young Geisel’s mind to form the now iconic animals from his stories.  During the 1930′s, Geisel created a series of sculptures he titled his, “Unorthodox Taxidermy,” of which a series were entirely marine animals.  These he called his, “Marine Mugs,” and now the official curators of Dr. Seuss’s remaining artifacts and estate are releasing a new Marine Mug every year in numbered runs through till 2015 when all will be available.  Each is hand painted cast resin and looks like it just washed up from the pages of Seuss’s own books.  The most recent, The Flaming Herrring (above) was just released this week.  Check out their site for other collectible books and prints from Geisel’s extensive body of work here, a must for the child in all of us.

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