Seletti Palace Collection

What better way to hide dishes than in plain sight.  Seletti introduces the Palace Collection, designed by Alessandro Zambelli.  Each set of 6 dishes (bowls or plates) stack to create their own Renaissance Era French Palace complete with a serving dish which when inverted doubles as a roof.  Genius.

The sets are composed of a stack of six plates (dinner or dessert size) or bowls (cereal or soup), each tier embossed with exterior adornment and interior schematics.  Blending the not to often explored nether region between architectural art and serviceware, these gems are their own centerpiece.

Not available until April, you can pre-order at A+R today, honestly, these are a knock out.

  • Large Plates or Bowls – $130 a set
  • Small Plates or Bowls – $98 a set
  1. This piece came out at just the right second. I really appreciate it!

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