Sarah Williams

A graduate student of the London College of Fashion, Sarah Williams, created this collection of one of a kind luggage for her MA entitled, Crafted Fashion.  It’s amazing; the level of detail, the wonderful absurdity and the beautiful brass lined leather colorways, this is how luggage should be.

Returning to a time when luggage was a mark of distinction and not a mass made, synthetic roller box that dwells in the attic, Williams sought to rework regional techniques in a modern way never before tried.  Throughout the whole design and production process three method of change were applied to the materials used; metamorphosis, presence and anthropomorphism. This results in fashion artefacts which relate both to historical traditions but can be used in a modern day context.

Each piece was hand build by a professional metal crafter then finished with traditional bridle leather hand stitched using saddle techniques.  The collection is lovely and wholly unconventional, yet on the runway it is at home.  Williams completely reinvents the standard checked box we try to fit our lives in with these imaginative pieces which have all the hallmarks of royalty with a mischievous twist (literally).

Though quite small, the effect of each piece is dynamite.  Well shaped contours, bold colors, every lash and adornment one would expect from hand crafted tailored goods that used to be, if not commonplace, expected.  This collection reminds us what hand made once implied and what factory made can never replace.

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