Robbie Rowlands

In order to get through the average day with a shred of sanity, our brains are programmed to create routines which allow our thought process’ to rest and go on auto-pilot when they can.  We can’t be expected to face every decision from a naked perspective, thus why we develop personalities with likes and dislikes.  But by going about our day with a pre-programmed repertoire we also miss out on a lot of what is around us that easily falls into the background.  Melbourne artist, Robbie Rowlands, works to bring the background of our lives back into focus by exposing it in a new light, quite literally.  He meticulously cuts away from floorboards, siding and paneling from decommissioned houses to create a feeling of unraveling, as if a giant were nonchalantly tugging on the worn yarn of a sweater.  The focus is drawn to everyday objects and surfaces, exposing the facade of man made and blurring the lines between natural world items and manufactured.  I just love the pure scale he goes for, remarkably well done and visually striking.

via Jenna Diane
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