River Gym

“Holy Alfredo Sauce Batman! (direct quote from the original series) What’s that on the water?  Terrorists?”  Designed by Mitchell and Douglas Joachim, soon enough we might see these self propelled vessels navigating the waterways about Manhattan packed to the gills with sexy, hot young bodies sweating to the oldies.  What’s better than going to the gym on a boring street?  Going to a floating gym where you can’t escape that creepy guy that times his locker room visits with yours!!

In all sincerity I think this is a pretty cool idea.  Instead of watching Jersey Shore on mute while you do your daily 5 k on the treadmill you can enjoy a panoramic view of the city.  The concept is simple, convert all of the energy those exercising are creating into go-go juice for the gym.  A treadmill, a bench press, an elliptical; just transfer it to rechargable batteries and off you go.  Also, each craft would double as a water purifier for the river with an onboard system, pretty cool that since it’s creating no waste it’s actually working to make the water cleaner as it moves.

The proposal is to have several loops circle through the Hudson and East Rivers.  Each loop will vary in length but generally take about 15 minutes.  Smaller machines will only require a few individuals to power them while larger ones will only be available during peak hours since it will take dozens of fitness junkies to keep them on the move.  There’s even speculation of using them as miniature ferries, providing passage for the lazy to sit and watch the city or gawk at rock hard bodies as the cross to Manhattan.  Great idea, in fact it won 3rd place in the New York Magazine Original Gym Contest, seems a bit futuristic but all the better.  Next step, flying gyms.

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