Revital Cohen

At first I thought this was a photography project, but after further investigation it turns out Revital Cohen (awesome name by the way) has some really original ideas about how animals can be used in more creatively supportive ways than helping the blind or those with social malfunction.  The project is called “Life Support,” and yes, some of the ideas are a bit far fetched.  Like using retired racing greyhounds as living respiratory devices for people with breathing problems.  I’m sure at some point the trachial tether would become an issue when the dog shoots off in pursuit of a squirrel.  But the idea of using animals as assistant care givers is a really interesting spin on the already highly credited notions of how we interact with those cute furry fluffs in physically and emotionally healing ways.  I really love the idea below more for the sake of cuteness than for it’s practical implications.  Apparently you reverse engineer a baby lamb that is genetically similar to yourself and then use it as a living dialysis machine while you both sleep.  Yes baby lamb, take my poison blood and piss it into the straw, then we’ll go make some cheese.  Epic.

via NotCot

  1. June 6th, 2011
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