Ramon Coronado

LA based designer, Ramon Coronado, recently undertook a 12 week project he titled “Mercado Negro,”  or Black Market, where he worked to transform an everyday object into something completely different and useful.  Presto, shopping cart furniture for relaxing poolside at a drainage canal.

When Coronado moved to LA he was living across the street from MacArthur Park, a park in a dangerous low income area that was anything but a place for children to play.  Living in this area over populated with the homeless and abundant in trash he was inspired to make something beautiful out of what was most commonly available.

“This area is filled with trash on the sidewalks, people sleeping everywhere, and an abundance of shopping carts. Shopping carts exist everywhere and anywhere throughout the city of LA and include themselves as part of LA’s landscape. A shopping cart says a lot about a city. Seeing one on every block adds attention to the poverty and that there is no control of private property.”

Coronado’s re-envisioned shopping cart is like the Native Americans using the whole buffalo.  He took a single cart and from it created 4 new useful pieces of furniture for relaxation and recreation utilizing every meshed piece of plastic, every heat treated piece of tubular steel.  But each piece is a reminder, the end product of a very identifiable origin.  The next time I see an abandoned shopping cart it’ll make me think about what uses that neon orange eyesore is pregnant with.

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