RAFAA Architecture and Design

It looks like something straight out of a James Bond flick starring Sean Connery, not only is it a man made waterfall but it will take the whole fucking cake shop as the most unnatural waterfall of all time.  But wait, this over achiever of man kinds “Yes We Can” mentality is actually, whats that, eco-friendly?

Designed by RAFFA Architecture and Design for the 2016 Olympics, the dubbed, “Solar City Tower,” will be the hallmark of Rio de Janeiro’s movement towards green, sustainable power.  The tower is quite comprehensive and in many ways, ingenious.  During the day it is a solar power field, providing energy for the Olympic village and the city while diverting excess power to pumps which fill the tower with seawater.  At night, the tanks release the sea water powering the waterfall which runs turbines which in turn provide power throughout the evening.  It’s a cycle, a really ingenious man made cycle which relies on natural power.

As smart as the design is for energy production it is damn sexy in terms of sheer aesthetics.  The tower will be completely accessible by the public with a grand concourse leading up to it through the solar field, a restaurant beneath the waterfall, a bungee jump platform that juts out through the waterfall(!!) and a 360º viewing deck from atop the structure.  Now this is some eco-friendly power the world can get behind, modern and sleek.

How bout dem apples!!

    • emil-pierr steck
    • March 15th, 2011

    What a stunning design, idea and beauty and enviromentally friend too. Now all you need to integrate is use it as well as a desalination system to produce some drinking water from sea water and you have covered it all. Bravo – well done and concratulations. At last a landmark, a nations symbol with a true beneficial function…. also for the environment.

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