I love getting mail; someone cared enough to write longhand on a piece of paper, engineer an envelope out of something, pay 42¢, locate a Postal Box, and work time into their schedule to drop it off.  Really, in the ADHD world I live in, I have trouble dropping off netflix, and that shit takes care of itself.  I stumbled across this gorgeous idea by a british company called Postcarden, who designs post cards which fold out into gardenscapes which you can grow enclosed cress seeds in.  Free cress!! Plus, instead of reading said mail and chucking it in the paper bin, this drags out the elation that someone cares for a solid 2 weeks of growing and then EATING cress!!  Postcarden uses several artists to design the different cardscapes it offers, hopefully see new designs in the future plus laxer restrictions on sending cress seeds abroad, apparently the EU frowns on this at the moment.

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