Phyllis Galembo

As an American, when I hear the term “costume” my mind immediately leap frogs to Halloween; kids covered in aluminum foil, your token superman and of course women dressed as sexed up community officials (bless their hearts).  But the root of all of our candy crazed masquerading comes from somewhere darker, something far more pagan and primordial, a communication with the Gods.  Phyllis Galembo has traversed the world, from Haiti to the African continent, photographing stunning displays of ritualistic gown.  For centuries man has looked to God (or Gods) for answers, and for many he spoke back through a median here on Earth.  Donning these dresses we become something more, something magical, of another world between ours and the heavens.  But are these men simply playing dress up, however symbolic and holy, or  perhaps once lost in a trance fueled by dance and mead they truly do cross over to another plane where the Gods walk?  If you believe it, they will come.  Check out my favorite stills from Galembo’s collection after the jump.

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