Pete Duggins

RISD grad Pete Duggins paints charming post-apocalyptic watercolors.  No Mad Max Thunderdome, no Kevin Costner with gills, but the remnants of a human past now reclaimed by nature in a most modest manner.

After graduation, Duggins moved to Austin where he began the no-profit art collective “Okay Mountain.”  His work explores the connections between non-symbiotic but co-existing elements; while his series of “the world without us” shows how the natural world and the unnatural man made world would mingle with us not intervening to keep them at opposite ends of the table.

Unassuming, Duggins portraits of the future state of the natural world seem remarkably calm.  Our fast paced machines finally come to rest, seemingly exhausted and at peace among a family of deer, a school of fish or a grove of trees.

I enjoy thinking of the apocalypse and these paintings make the end seem beautiful and okay, a collection of rusting skeletons, still sad that it represents all that will outlast us.

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