Paolo Ventura

Sometimes the most beautiful moments in life are those that sneak past the minute hands glance, seemingly an everyday occurrence yet upon reflection, something wholly unordinary.  Paolo Ventura’s gorgeously staged photographs which whisk the pages of his book, “Winter Stories,” focus on flashbulb memories of Italy, circa 1930, within the mind of an old circus performer as he lies old and alone in bed.  Ventura’s snapshots are beautiful; wistful and desaturated they take on a dream like quality that smudges reality around the corners in a way only ones personal reminisces can recall.  At first I thought these were paintings, but the care with which Ventura crafted each stage to present his shutter flash stories bear incredible depth and darkness.  Though generally circus’ portray laughter and ease, the overpowering reflection of each still is exceedingly begrudged and forlorn; representative of a melancholy Italy wedged between World Wars.

via Madame Herve
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