Joshua Allen Harris

Employing trash bags and the the air power of passing subway trains Joshua Harris creates living creatures on the streets of NY, pretty fricking cool.

Tim Doyle

I admit it, I bought a Shepard Fairy Obama poster.  I was part of the disettling hype which landslided him into office.  It wasn’t long before I took it off my wall and replaced it with a series of Marcel Dzama prints.  But coming across this wonderful tongue in cheek silkscreen I cant help but think it’s time once again to change (into a truck).

$50 – Poster Cabaret

MacBook Vinyl Decals

There’s a bunch of these floating around etsy for all of your designer tastes.  It seems everyone has a Macbook Pro these days, I was walking past a coffee shop the other nite and it resembled a highschool computer lab (granted a very upper middle class white suburban one), everyone dulling typing away at their identical Pros.  Add some flair and individuality, I especially like the ones that creatively incorporate the light up Apple logo. Decisions decisions…

Thomas Wold

This is a piece by Thomas Wold, a gorgeous and fun combination of found objects.  I’ve been thinking about building shelving units in my living room for some time and after seeing this i think it’s the solution.  Too bad so many people in NY troll through the trash, gonna be a few months of scouring craigslist ahead…


This nifty (and free) little application works as a visualizer for your itunes collating all of the artists in your library into a calender listing when/where/with whom they are playing in your area.  Super helpful, turning your itunes library into your personal ohmyrockness.  It even has a 5 second drop tag which announces when the artist currently being played is coming to town and where.  Also available as an iPhone app, but for $3.


Western Electric Phone

The latest item I must have off of ebay.  No, we don’t have a landline, yes we already have a chalkboard, but the combination of the two is a monumental piece of melding between modern technology and the pilgrims.  What kind of American would I be if I didn’t proudly display a piece of our heritage encapsulated in neon plastic on my wall.  This phone is America.  It says, “hello operator, get me America.”