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ColorMute – page 43

Jaren Goh

This amusing silhouette bookcase by Singapore designer, Jaren Goh, blends the allure of antiquity with a clean, paper towel rub down modernism.

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HomeHero Fire Extinguisher

Photo Courtesy of Sherwood Forlee

Oh Shit, my house is on fire, where did I hide that ugly 2 liter fire extinguisher so it doesn’t look like I’m living in a tenement building?  Too late?  Probably.  It wasn’t until 2 months ago that my apartment even had a working smoke detector and I can guarantee we don’t have a fire extinguisher, not for sake of fashion but perhaps after seeing this beauty I could say it is.

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Inakadate Rice Paddy Art

2007 - Katsushika Hokusai famous "Fugaku Sanjurokkei" or "Into the Great Wave" from his Thirty-Six Views of Mount Fuji

Photos Courtesy of Yoko Hani

400 miles north of Tokyo in the remote village Inakadate nestled in the Aomori Prefecture lives a collective of rice farmers descended from generations of rice farmers.  These people know how to farm rice.  In 1993, in an effort to breath new life into a dying town, they began forming a union between the rice paddy owners to create living art by planting four species of different colored leaf rice plants in precise locations.  The result, massive canvas’ of paddies depicting some of the most well known chinese block prints ever.

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Standard Time

70 workers continuously rebuild a wooden 4 x 12 m “digital” time display recorded in real time: a work that involves 1611 changes within 24 hour period.  Concieved by Mark Formanek, the purpose of the by the minute/24 hour/race against the clock performance piece?  ”The spectator looking at Standard Time does not only see the time, but also people constructing it. People who, with a stoic sense of duty, are wasting time on an apparently useless activity that fulfills only one function: to display time.”  Check out the teaser video after the jump.

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Photo Courtesy of Kolelinia

I saw this on Prolly awhile back and saw it reblogged about on BikeHacks just today and finally checked it all out.  Pretty forward thinking concept, an elevated bike line, keeping cyclists out of the way of traffic and danger (and zeppelins apparently).

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Courtesy of NewYorkShitty

Awhile back my friend joked that she overheard these two girls saying that 11211 was totally the new 90210.  Well, here you have it.  These hipster-tykes are by far more fashionable than I am in their skinny jeans, Le Tigre tshirts and low rise chucks.  Maybe toddlers will be the new must have accessory come spring?

Hafsteinn Juliusson

Photo Courtesy of Hafsteinn Juliusson

Wow, fusing the natural world with forged steel Juliusson creates living rings, the perfect adornment for any urban gardener.  I never thought a brass knuckle inspired full palm ring could look so gentle.

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TreeHouse Workshop

Photos Courtesy of TreeHouse Workshop

Not just for kids, Seattle based team, TreeHouse Workshop, build modern tree houses for families, children, business’ and eccentrics. As a child I had a treehouse which was my personal escape, my fortress of solitude, my dream theater, my outpost from reality. Tree houses’ still represent an escape from convention, an elevated outlook upon the natural world that connects us in a way we otherwise would find impossible. TreeHouse Workshop design custom houses around the U.S., finding a niche audience all looking for a little peace of mind in a place long forgotten both in childhood and humanity.

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