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ColorMute – page 4

Choi Xooang

South Korean artist, Choi Xooang, creates startling grotesques of human figures from resin.  His pieces reflect the captivity and isolation of his Korean brethren to the North.  Each casting beautifully expresses the pain, censorship and sub-human treatment that the communist regime imposes on it’s people.  I’d love to see these up close and in person.

Gregor Gaida

German artist Gregor Gaida, creates incredibly emotive sculpture from wood, resin and concrete.  His works reflect human nature in a raw form; passionate, playful, angry, isolated.  Each piece is immaculate, drawing a gorgeous balance between polished alabaster and rough stitched burlap.  The minimal use of mono-chromatic paint and untraditional postures grant the viewer a slice of voyeuristic life, a sense of the human expression, an abstract peeping tom.

Matt Wisniewski

There’s a lot of people who play Photostop by adding a layer, tweaking the transparency and immediately call the result art.  Bravo!  But I really do like Brooklyn based artist, Matt Wisniewski’s landscape portraitures.  My mind tends to wander and the expression his pieces create perfectly capture the essence of a trailing thought or fleeting memory.

Volker Steger

The speed is important. The right speed is about 70km/h (43 mph). Flies that get hit by a car at that speed look like fallen angels in the electron microscope.”  Fantastic microscopic photography by Volker Steger, they look like Godzilla’s enemies once he kicks their ass.

Henrique Oliveira

I love Post-Modern art for refusing to repress itself within the constrains of a white framed gallery box. Brazilian artist, Henrique Oliveira’s work bursts through the walls enveloping the viewer, absorbing you within the morphing colors and shapes of a beautiful cancer only drugs or art could conceive.  His installations herald the natural world; dripping like stalagmites, coiling like roots, and whipping into the peaks of a fine meringue.  His explosive use of color and form dares you to touch, explore, taste, jump up and down, roll around on the ground in laughter.  It’s a child’s imagination, Mother Nature’s malignant tumor, the world of Doctor Seuss come true.

Maskull Lasserre

Sometimes I feel that we’re so separated from where wood comes from that it’s on par with our delusion of where our meat comes from.  Trees are gorgeous, life giving plants which we harvest for an unbeatable resource.  These Goliath’s of the plant world belong to the same rigid system of life and death that we do, tied hand in hand to the same end.  Artist Maskull Lasserre likes to peer into the secret reincarnation hidden within normal everyday wooden objects.  They say on a molecular level we share atoms with nearly every person who has ever lived, so why wouldn’t a tree be the same.  Lasserre masterfully carves skeletons from the hardened coils of a 2×4, rebirthing the dead from within a coat hanger.  Perhaps it’s a testimony to the fact that we as humans feel compelled to leave our mark on everything, or perhaps it’s a warning that we already do.

Isaac Krady

I’m really enjoying the simple effectiveness of Isaac Krady’s bent plywood end table called the “Tre.”  It can function as a place for books and coffee or upend itself and provide a work surface for a laptop table.  Clean and minimal, definite kudos.



Lights, Magnets, Action!  The fine folks at Crealev (Creative Levitation Design) have combined some of the niftiest tricks electricity has to offer in a sleek, minimal package.  Floating tiered lamps!  Apparently these things were creating quite a ripple at Dutch Design week.  I don’t know how I’d resist trying to knock/spin the top off, really gorgeous concept.


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