Ofer Wolberger

Lost Hills, CA

We, as humans, love to document ourselves, thus history is born.  A website I really enjoy is My Parents Were Awesome, a Tumblr (i know, i know) completely devoted to posting submitted pictures of peoples parents back in their heyday.  Tourist traps, forgotten vacations that once meant something lovely, a semi-candid shot on a beautiful day all those years ago.  Ofer Wolberger’s latest body of work titled, Life with Maggie, walks us down an imaginary memory lane with a man and the women he may have loved, once long ago, maybe only as an idea.

Sunset Boulevard, CA

Aveyron, France

Wolberger titles each photo simply by it’s location, like we’re flipping through an old photo album without the aid of an orator.  “Maggie,” his muse, is masked behind the face of a mannequin, permanently captured in a smiling repose.  Whatever grievance or misgivings occurred between each snapshot are lost to time, only the flashbulb images of a merry life of youth and wonder remain.

Wolberger does an amazing job walking us through a zig zagging time line.  Taking pains to match Maggie’s clothing with her location, he holds our hand as we march through the decades, across continents and across time.  The collection is tenderly affectionate, perfectly recreating the dozens of snapshots we know as a collective consciousness.  Yet in every photo Maggie poses alone, demurely staring down the camera and the person behind the lens holding her attention.

Check out the whole collection here, it’s really worth it to see the detail of Maggie’s face and how the model’s expression perfectly synch’s with its rosie cheeked, plastic contenance.  Each picture is a story, whether one of a woman boldly alone, or a mans love for a woman across the ages who in his eyes has never changed.

Tours, France

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