Numen / For Use

Ever the lover of organic art, I was blown away when I found out about the art collective Numen / For Use.  Their most current projects are large scale webs they build entirely out of packing tape.  Check out the sheer scale of these monstrosities after the jump.

Their first large scale web was created in Mikser, Belgrade at an old quarry and only cost 500 Euros in tape.  The web is interactive and is similar to the funnel shaped webs some species of spider create.  Though it might be hard to believe, the web can easily support thousands of pounds of weight through dispersion.  Doubling back on itself endlessly, the web reinforces and redistributes weight and support evenly throughout the suspended structure.

Their most current endeavor took place in Odeon, Venice, where they constructed a web over the course of two days which devoured 530 rolls of packing tape.  The web was created for part of a dance performance during the DMY Berlin International Design Fair.  The dancers interacted with the synthetic web, following its lines and shapes and using it as a recording of their movements.

It’s incredible how such a ubiquitous material as clear packing tape can be transformed into something so alien and yet so recognizable.  We are all familiar with spiders and their webs, yet on such a large scale that we become the insect residing within it changes our entire scope of what a home the web is to its host.  It’s no longer disgusting, it’s entertaining and exciting.

I only wish I had thought of this first, what an incredible way to create interactive art out of abandoned spaces.  The web is like a gigantic organism left to flourish in the dark while the doors have been closed.  The web above, the largest Numen has yet built, was integrated into the former stock exchange building in Vienna during the Design Festival.  Check out how they did it in the video below, I hope they build one here in New York, it’s like a modern adult jungle gym.

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