Nobuhiro Nakanishi

Everyone is familiar with the maxim, “A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words.”  Yet somehow a thousand words never seems enough to recreate the splendor of a snap shot moment.  No matter your vantage point or light level it comes out a copy, perhaps even a poorly xeroxed one.  Understanding the loss in feeling of a 3Dimensional environment collapsed to a 2Dimensional tome, Japanese artist Nobuhiro Nakanishi created these layered photographs which expand in insight as they move you through time.  It’s essentially a film strip blown up and placed chronologically, but the interaction and personality of each piece feels as if you’re moving through an old Disney zoom animation.  Nakanishi describes his pieces as strolling through a foggy day where you can’t make out all the approaching objects at once, but as you move forward your moving a spatial perception limited to a few frames in any direction.  His work is meant to narrate time, connecting you to a few moments in each step, moving with you as you work harder to understand what each point of focus holds.  Nakanishi photo layers blurs together imagery and time as if in a dreamstate or a lackadaisical stroll down memory lane, a really wonderful stroll I’d love to take.

via Bumbumbum
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