Nicolai Howalt

I never learned how to fight, to this day I doubt that if it really came down to it I could defend myself in hand to hand combat.  Yet, like most people, I’m drawn towards violence whether in movies, pictures or public spectacle.  Perhaps it’s the deeply suppressed animal nature inside of us that bubbles up when faced with danger or aggression.  I understand that boxing is a sport and these people aren’t filled with hate, boxing is actually quite technical and difficult.  You must study your opponents form, how they carry themselves and how they come at you.  But still boxing is pretty fucked up; it’s a blood sport, and modern science has proven that multiple impacts to the head causes dementia, or like Muhammad Ali your eventually punch drunk, the brain breaks down.  Boxers are killing themselves, its a sport with a short life span.  Nicolai Howalt’s portrait series takes before and after stills of youth boxers in competition.  It’s haunting to see the pain these boys willing inflict upon themselves.  Still more their parents who obviously promote and encourage this behavior.  Just thinking of the detrimental impact this has upon a developing mind is enough to incite any public health official.

via Public School
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