NASA Posters

I try not to stray off topic, but I saw these and had to post them.  What do they all have in common?  They are all recent “Mission” posters for NASA.  Yes, these are the most advanced pilots and scientists we have to offer pretending they are

  • A: plugged into an alternate reality world where they fight computer programs with kung fu
  • B: On a mission to land on an asteroid heading towards Earth and save us all
  • C: A rock band in space
  • D: Trekkies

The original line of posters for the last oh, decades, were typical shots of the team in suits looking directly into the camera ala school photo day, then for the 2008 flight of Expedition 16 they shot this Matrix parody poster (I bet they had to borrow most of those leather jackets) and all hell went loose.  Now they mimic action and sci fi movies, I guess it is sort of other wordly to travel in space, but come on NASA.   I’ve got to admit, it’s better than what they used to be doing but only because of the implied irony, maybe they know exactly what they’re doing, they are supposed to be smarter than all of us.  It’s not rocket science, see the whole collection here.

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