Nagi Noda

I’ve got problems with my hair, just like anyone else, and spend a fair amount of time keeping my friend who cuts my hair in good standing.  Hair is our most personal accessory, while our clothes change daily our hair remains fairly constant when managed properly.  Nagi Noda, being so bat shit crazy awesome, designed these “Hair Hats,” just because she wanted to.

Noda, hailing from Japan, was a wild card designer who I like to believe made beautiful things just to bring them into the world.  Noda spent several years living in New York in the 80′s making video’s and tv commercials.  She made music video’s for the scissor sisters and TIGA, commercials for Coke and Nike, and strange short movies.  She died in 2008 from injuries sustained from a traffic accident.

A terrible loss of such a strange and creative mind.  Her hats fuse us with our spirit animals, turning a follicle adornment into an empowering beast.  Whimsical and wonderfully detailed, these hats make me wish I had longer hair or such a cool hat.

Check out here crazed video for Being Appraised entitled “Ex-Fat Girl,” where a Chinese olympic gymnastic/fitness instructor morphed poodle demonstrates how to stay fit with the most bizarre flex team ever.

    • sav
    • June 16th, 2011

    holy! um,i dunno what to sy, that is just so awesome!!!

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