Modern Fireplaces

Winter isn’t over yet and since the closest thing those of us living in the city have to a fireplace is the plugged up husk of a chimney which now moonlights as a bookcase we are in need of some serious rethinking when it comes to warmth.  These playful modern takes on fireplaces are portable, wall mounted or fully suspended.  No mortar and brick here.  This piece is designed by Piet, careful now kitty.

Designed by Arkiane, the Gaia is a wall mounted unit which offers 180° of display.  The fire itself sits within a burner box inside the wall leaving the flue hidden within.

Designed for Arkiane by Benjamin Mesnard, the Eclypsya fireplace is a freestanding piece, not sure how it vents itself but dam if it doesn’t brighten up a room quite literally.

The Modela Bubble Chimney beautifully renders steel to take on a vintage cast iron feel creating a suspended, modular fireplace.  Created by Andrea Crosetta, this is a fireplace to build a room around.

Finally, employing Ethanol, Eco Smart Fires, an Australian company, has devised a flue-less burner system which is transportable and ideal for small spaces.  The flame is adjustable and though it radiates enough heat to be utilitarian it still burns light enough to be placed under or against objects without making too good of friends with them.

    • Elena Kosma
    • January 5th, 2011

    I could find the “Gaia”and the “Modela Bubble Chimney” in Greece. I am living in Athens and i am interested in purchasing. It would be my pleasure if I had your reply.

    • Elisa J
    • December 19th, 2014

    Wow! These designs are stunning. I’m having our newly purchased house (which we have not moved into yet) renovated and have been planning on getting one of those modern fireplaces from I haven’t used one before so I’m a bit skeptical! Although, I believe, they’re quite easy to use and maintain plus they are super fab! Husband approves! :)

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