Mischer Traxler

In a few years, incandescent light bulbs will be completely obsolete.  Every day more energy efficient and eco-friendly light bulbs are quickly replacing the old edison throwback.  Helping usher in this new age of illumination is design team Mischer Traxler.  Composed of Katharina Mischer and Thomas Traxler, the Vienna based studio has created a series of lamps made from two found light fixtures joined by a flourescent light tube.  Called Relumine, the goal was to take two lamps which had no prior relationship and bring them together into a single fixture that is more energy efficient than the two previous lamps were separately.  Together, the new fixture changes the way we view each lamp separately and together, now joined by a beam of light.  I love the look of each of their creations, absolutely going to be creating some knock off of this idea for my apartment.

via Design Territory
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