Meirav Barzilay

We used to have plants in our living room but due to the lack of natural lighting they all died.  I feel every house needs a bit of greening to make it a home.  Perhaps it’s a reminder of our origins or our ties to the natural world, but having a few living plants scattered about a room is calming and lovely.  Meriz Barzilay, a designer from Tel Aviv, has gone a step further in combining the great outdoors with a great sense of minimal interior space.  The Photosynthesis Lamp, the name says it all.  A lamp composed of a wire cage and a planter, providing you use an energy saving lightbulb (also compact fluorescents provide a wider spectrum of natural light, it’s what plants crave) your plant will flourish and create it’s own organic lamp shade.  A wonderfully simple design tipping it’s hat to the worlds greatest architect, mother nature.

Via Design Milk
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