Maskull Lasserre

Sometimes I feel that we’re so separated from where wood comes from that it’s on par with our delusion of where our meat comes from.  Trees are gorgeous, life giving plants which we harvest for an unbeatable resource.  These Goliath’s of the plant world belong to the same rigid system of life and death that we do, tied hand in hand to the same end.  Artist Maskull Lasserre likes to peer into the secret reincarnation hidden within normal everyday wooden objects.  They say on a molecular level we share atoms with nearly every person who has ever lived, so why wouldn’t a tree be the same.  Lasserre masterfully carves skeletons from the hardened coils of a 2×4, rebirthing the dead from within a coat hanger.  Perhaps it’s a testimony to the fact that we as humans feel compelled to leave our mark on everything, or perhaps it’s a warning that we already do.

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