Magdalena Bors

Belgian photographer, Magdalena Bors, weaves fairytale microcosms into everyday interiors using common household materials.  Her dreamscapes read like a child’s imaginative world, tucked under a table amongst a wonderland forest while mom knits your sister a onesie.

Her photos borderline the mundane into the fantastical.  Though the focus is absolutely on the miniature marvel, each picture contains an individual unknowingly present in the background, a blind witness to each enchanting world.

Bors finds new lives in pennies, granulated sugar and thumb tacks.  As if each of these ubiquitous objects holds the key to a hidden underland.  Bors finds a way to bring the unseen world of our childhood imagination within her lens, reminding us that once a well placed blanket and a flashlight was all we needed to create a castle, a magical cave, a world only we could see.

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