Lina Jaros

Lina Jaros series titled “Beyond the Walls,” explores perceived space, combining ordinary interiors inside (or among the outside) of in-ordinary spaces.  The result is a new perspective for both settings, expanding a room beyond a window ledge and narrowing a natural expanse to a singular vantage point of exploration.

Breaking the boundaries of the manufactured world, Jaros strips away our comfort zone (or the walls that establish it) and bares our secular boxes to the natural world.  It forces us to question if these walls are really a form of protection from the greater outdoors or if we’ve become so institutionalized (to use a term from the Shawshank Redemption) that we’ve forgotten that anything else exists beyond them.  Her photography parodies our lives as separatist, just as the great explorers of the past viewed those living in the outdoors as savages Jaros nude interiors are absurd, stripped beyond any normal usefulness.

Jaros describes her spaces as unreal or incomprehensible, the viewer is forced to transform her environmental distortions into something familiar.  We create our own walls, whether by the boundaries of the photograph or our imagination, we are people of limits.  I can’t think about how the universe is infinite for too long without getting a bit freaked, Jaros uses this same idea to press us to look beyond the walls at what space is and what spaces we’ve boxed ourselves into.

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