Lee Jeffries


Living in NYC I am familiar with the homeless; that group of highly visible outcasts who co-habitat our city streets.  We have yearly coat drives, Unicef collections, we give our change when we are inclined.  Yet few of us do much more beyond this since we feel little responsibility or that we can do much to help.  A new study revealed that a homeless person will die 40 years earlier than the normal average.   Lee Jeffries decided to do something more than the expected, for the last few years he’s traveled around the world getting to know and photograph homeless wherever he goes.  His portraits are bleek, hopeless, and a bridge to a person you might only cast a side glance at if you crossed paths.  Jeffries forces us to confront those we choose to ignore, acknowledging them as people, people who are hurting, people who also need sympathy and perhaps more than a spare dollar.

via This is Colossal
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