Lauren Dicioccio

Though already a bit outdated even in my youth, I have had to sit through a few slide shows of tropical vacations, family history or other various boring forms of relatives documenting themselves.  You almost never see slides anymore, I’m not even sure you can have them made any longer except by a specialist perhaps.  Am I sad to see this trusty public purveyor of good times slide from the proverbial shelf?  Not really.  But textile artist Lauren Dicioccio isn’t ready to let go of these glossy cartridges just yet.  Focusing her work on the fading world of tangible devices in exchange for technical marvels, Dicioccio embroiders objects that once held rank in the public consciousness but now reside in attics and trash heaps.  My favorite of her collections is her sewn slides, featured here, taking us not only on a journey across the country like every blue blooded American dad dreamed of doing with his family in the great rose tinted past, but a journey back to a simpler time when you held information in your hand, when physical objects interacted with us with a purpose.  Her commitment to detail displays the love and care Dicioccio impresses upon these heirlooms, preserving a not long dead remnant into a wistful reminder of simpler times.

via Post Grad Hair Cut
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