Photo Courtesy of Kolelinia

I saw this on Prolly awhile back and saw it reblogged about on BikeHacks just today and finally checked it all out.  Pretty forward thinking concept, an elevated bike line, keeping cyclists out of the way of traffic and danger (and zeppelins apparently).

Designed by Martin Angelov, Kolelinia, won the International Architectural Competition, “Line of Site” on the City Transportation Interchange brief last year.  The concept uses an elevated  trough for the cyclist to ride in while the handlebars are clipped into steel guiding wires to keep the rider steady.

Sure, it’s a bit far-fetched, but with minimal required infrastructure this could be a viable option for urban environments.  Imagine riding a bike 20 ft. above street level, even if this is used for urban tourism I’d still sign up.  Interesting proposal, doubt this will come to fruition anywhere, but it’s a look in the right direction for areas where modifying streets for bike lanes is an impossibility.

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