Know Hope

Tel Aviv based graffiti artist, Know Hope, creates small pieces assembled from cut out paper, ink and perhaps a candle.  His work is temporary, as is all street art, but the displayed connections between his lonesome figures is meant to inspire a connection with the few who are blessed enough to see his work.  We are here, know hope.

I love his work which incorporates a small tea light, he describes the effect that someone walking by will have to realize that it’s only hung for a few hours, or perhaps they are the first to see it, thus forming a relationship from them to him through his piece.  A relationship he hopes will warm them on there travel to where ever they are headed.  His work is all about love, love for ourselves and for each other.  I challenge anyone to pass this off as low art, as street art commonly is, this is reaching out past a gallery to our everyday and wishing us wellness, together.  Now that’s really beautiful.

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