Kenyon Yeh

I have a love/hate relationship with Ikea.  I think they make conceptually beautiful furniture for cheap; cheap being the keyword for why I hate them.  When you’ve finished building a piece it does seem impressive, then it immediately begins falling apart.  But the real reason I love Ikea is because so many people “hack” their furniture for cheap building supplies to create something unique or better.  I personally have a chandelier I made from 12 plastic Ikea lamps hanging in my bedroom, its awesome.  Kenyon Yeh immediately admits that his furniture is Ikea, but only for the sake of building material.  His collection, which he calls UNIKEA, is certainly unique, he describes the building process as, “I have assembled the pieces from a standard IKEA flat pack without following the instructions or I can say threw away the instruction.  Instead, I have simply composed the kits into customized furniture to suit my personal preference, adding some new details along the way.”  Kudos, Yeh, I love the acute angles and fun recomposed legs.

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