Katharina Grosse

Known for taking over an entire room to house her installations, Katharina Grosse has really raised the bar with her latest piece at Mass Moca, “One Floor Up More Highly.”  Spilling tons of Mother Gaia across the floor before liberally anointing the rolling mounds with every known gradient in the cosmos it’s a sensory bonanza.  The effect of the color range is hypnotizing, while exploring the martian landscape you’re drawn deeper into the contrasting shadow play of each lumps ephemeral brilliance.  The language is carried across the floors and walls before being cut dramatically by massive swarths of pristine white styrofoam calving like icebergs from a radioactive sea.  I would love to see this in person since photos can only do so much justice.  Sadly it’s only on display for another two weeks, GET THERE!

via The Fox is Black
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