Kara Ginther

I used to have a gorgeous Brook’s saddle I adored, then it got stolen and frankly I’m not surprised.  You can’t put anything too flashy on your bike in NYC without extra fortification or else it’s fair game.  My bike looks beat up, really beat up, like I rode her under a salt truck, but she rides like a dream and this is all that matters to me.  Somehow I’m sure though that if I were to put one of Kara Ginther’s custom carved/painted saddles on my bike, locking it and both my wheels mid-afternoon on a street with foot traffic it still wouldn’t make it more than a handful of hours before someone stole my entire bike just to get at it.  Sigh, oh well.  Who am I kidding though, I wouldn’t dare to use it, I’d just hang it on my wall as decorative art.  It is art.  Her work is mainly for display though she does do some custom orders for people who claim to use her saddle recreationally and apparently the acrylic holds up really well.  She does all kind of work asides from saddles, if it’s made from leather she’s probably decorated it.  Check out her whole line of products here, custom saddles starting at $99!! Beautiful work, man I love bikes, don’t steal mine!

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