Ju-Hyun Kim

I know this looks like an image out of Jerry Bruckheimer’s version of Batman, but held within all it’s chaotic bindings and questionable stability resides an entire theme park turned on it’s side.  The visionary child of architect Ju-Hyun Kim, the Vertical Themepark is a proposed solution to the complications of travel, parking lots, congestion and pollution in regards to the annual holiday trip to a surrounding theme park.  Most amusement parks are 2 or more hours outside of a major city, requiring planning and a vehicle to reach.  Kim’s idea is to bring the park to the city.  Within his skyscraper is a rollercoast, flume ride, city promenade, bungee jumping, a ferris wheel, vertical carousel, scenic dining restaurants, and a space theater.  Stacked and intertwined upon a double helix type armature, the building takes what is normally sprawled across several square miles and compacts it into a city accessible tower.  Families can literally walk to the amusement park, cutting down on monetary and ecological costs.  Though still just an idea, based on the current skyscraper mini-parks we see out in Vegas or tourist based cities, this is definitely something that could come to fruition.  I’m always down for a roller coaster ride.

via Inhabitat
    • steve a
    • January 31st, 2011


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