John Borowicz

I think I’ve ranted before on ColorMute about how Legos were a personal favorite as a child.  I can’t help but draw some sample of similarity between those delightful clicking blocks, some abstract 3D form of Tetris or archaeological remnants left over from primitive man to begin to draw points about where the inspiration for these pieces may come from.  This is the work of John Borowicz, a graphite and ink artist from Massachusetts who sets about creating these mind sucking, boundary flogging, creations of impossibility.  He recently had a show here in NYC showcasing his latest series of organized chaos, sorry I missed it.  There are dozens of directions you could take when drawing metaphor about his work; a wide angle aerial zoom of a primitive stone city, a petri dish of parasitic angular cells multiplying endlessly, centuries of eroded tundra, white noise given dimensionality.  However you want to twist his arm, Borowicz certainly has a well of patience and architectural imagination to produce these superb illustrations.  It both tweaks your eye like a Where’s Waldo book to search endlessly through the rubble and calms you as if passively observing a snowstorm of stackable flakes.  I’d love to see one up close.

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