Johannes VanDerBeek

Ghosts are a popular part of most cultural mythos, providing us a semblance of contact with our lineage or a plot to a budget slasher film.  Many people believe that the spirits of their ancestors watch over them, providing guidance and a helping hand.  Otherwise, to me, ghosts are little more than remnants of the past vying for attention from the world of the forgotten.  Johannes VanDerBeek recreates the ghosts of iconic though generic figures from the American past, posed as estranged reminders of periods we can all recite basic history from but probably don’t know much in-depth knowledge about.  His series, titled “Another Time Man,” is a collection of mesh and acrylic sculptures which have an eerie illusional being; standing before us in true form but translucent and shifting to the gaze.  An apparition.  Above is “Hippie Ghost,” while below are “Indian Ghost,” and “Pilgrim Ghost.”  Each figure is incredible in it’s execution, haunting, judging us for not learning from their past mistakes or few steps forward.  A Pop Art version of a Christmas Carol.  Each one more skipping of the stone upon the American Dream.  Definitely some of the most original sculpture I’ve seen in awhile.

via Beautiful Decay
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