Jayme McGowen

Jamye McGowen is a freelance artist and 3D illustrator based in Sacramento, California.  I stumbled across her on Etsy and was instantly enthralled by the child like realism of her dreamscapes.  Utilizing repurposed paper, arts and craft skills like you wouldn’t believe and a level of patience which likely rivals that of Jon and Kate plus 8 she turns out some incredibly imaginative stories frozen in paper.

Painstakingly pasting piece by piece, it’s the depth and motion that really makes these cutouts pop.  Like flashbulb stills from a children’s story you heard years ago and can never remember.  Starting with a sketch she slowly builds her dimensional diorama into a layered masterpiece.

Once completed she photographs the final product and manipulates it with photoshop until she achieves the desired effect.  To purchase these prints of her artwork, or with a bit more cash and some luck she sometimes sells the original 3D piece, visit her shop, Roadside, on Etsy.  I especially love her “at the circus” collection

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