Jason Travis

Can’t ever find what you’re looking for in your purse?  Is staring into the vast, zippered darkness of your backpack like gaping into a black hole?  Jason Travis understands this and absolutely revels in it.  In his photo series, Persona, he tramps around Atlanta photographing hipsters and pedestrians alike, then emptying the contents of their satchels into organized arrangements and photographing these as well.   It’s a voyeuristic glance into what we find important enough to trudge along with us and thus in some manner it describes who we are.  Sort of like an updated version of “The Things They Carried,” only with iphones and polaroids.  I think he hit it spot on with this project, I went through the whole series finding it both endearing and strangely comical.  Check out his Flickr stream here, I hope he keeps it up.

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