Jack Zylkin

I get a real kick out of obselete technology, not that I’d be caught dead listening to a discman, but still, it is comical for it’s novelty.  I do, however, like typewriters (surprise) and of course I like Apple.  Jack Zylkin just created an ingenious way to cross breed the two together.  With a kit he claims can be modified easily into any existing typewriter and a simple USB cord the iPad becomes a scrolling piece of paper.  The system reads your keystrokes and computes them into the iPad giving you a wonderful blend of tangible typing with electronic storage.  Really nifty for those of us who still crave the clash and clang of manual typing.  Typing on an old fashioned typewriter vs. a modern computer keyboard is like playing on a classical piano vs. an electronic keyboard; the latter just feels jaunty and lifeless.  Kits start around $75 while a pre-assembled model runs $150-$500.  Get’em here!

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