I’m a bit of an audiophile, I multi-task most every activity of my day with music.  Sadly I missed the golden generation of vinyl; as a child I only really knew cassette tapes and eventually CD’s, nowadays the absolute obsoleteness of these devices is laughable.  But still I miss the physical presence of music, perusing through my CD tower rack or stacks of tapes in the glove compartment.  IDEO has heard my cries and developed an RFID reading “turntable” called the C60 Redux which reads the RFID tags on printed pieces of paper (shaped like cassettes!) which in turn tell the turntable to play a song.  Each card has two songs, one on each side (side A/side B), and if you place multiple cards on the turntable it creates an impromptu “mixtape” by playing the cards in clockwise order.  The turntable is constructed from dozens of angled Arduino Pro mini boards constantly searching for RFID tags so once a card is placed on the turntable it will begin playing the song almost instantly.  No plans for production… yet.  But I’d love to have one of these, imagine buying songs of iTunes and then printing out RFID cards for them, really genius idea.  Check out the video, great way to revamp a tangible music source with modern technology.

c60 Redux from IDEO on Vimeo.

via Endgadget
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